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1  General Category / Mixtapes / Practice Session 2 (2014) : April 29, 2014

Click Here

:) :) :) :)
2  General Category / General / Practice Session 2 dropping in Novermber! : October 16, 2013
yea, I know, just release it already 'scoe!
3  General Category / Music / Criscoe - Throwed : July 04, 2013
Off the upcoming Practice Session 2 EP

4  General Category / General / Criscoe now on reverbnation! : July 02, 2013

ReverbNation page. That is all.
5  General Category / General / No Power! : December 27, 2012
I'm without power because of a snowstorm that we were hit with, so PS2 maybe be postponed. Currently the release date is Dec 31, but its not looking good.

More soon.
6  General Category / General / Practice Session 2 real close to completion : December 16, 2012
It was suppose to be finished Thanksgiving.. I know, i suck. Realisticly im shooting for Mid January, but id like to be done by New Years Eve.
7  General Category / Pictures / Practice Session 2 Coverart : June 16, 2012

Release Date TBA
8  General Category / Mixtapes / Practice Session EP (2011) : September 12, 2011

>> Samples
"One 87 Flow"  contains samples of "Deep Cover" by Dr. Dre
"That Feelin'" contains samples of "That's The Way I Feel About You" by Bobby Womack
"My Love" contains samples of "Just To Be Close To You" by The Commodores
"Machoman" contains samples of "Chrono Trigger Video Game"
"Marvin's Gun" contains samples of "Flying High In The Friendly Sky" by Marvin Gaye
"Outro" contains samples of "This Christmas" by Donny Hathaway

>> Download
Click Here
9  General Category / General / Practice Session Release Date : August 28, 2011
September 13

Practice Session 2 in the works 8)
10  General Category / Pictures / Practice Session Cover Art : May 22, 2011

Coming soon!
11  General Category / Music / Criscoe - That Feelin' : April 16, 2011

Off the Practice Session EP.
Produced by Criscoe
Song samples Bobby Womack's "Thats The Way I Feel About You"
12  General Category / General / Pickin' beats for the mixtape : March 27, 2011
I been busy tryin' to make this money, I havent had time to record any music. Im gonna make an effort to record a couple songs every weekend until the tape (Practice Session) is completed. Im focused, real focused.. Like seriously.

And more updates to the site are coming as well, with coming, if its available.
13  General Category / Pictures / Microphone Pics : January 16, 2011
Beautiful, huh?


Rappers beware!
14  General Category / General / New Music Coming Soon : January 16, 2011
Got all of my recording material in, so now Im gonna get to recording... Bullshittin' around with this mic, the first couple of songs will probably be junk, me babbling and not really making sense like most of the music on the radio. Haha!

Anyways, music IS COMING, believe that!
15  General Category / Videos / Chillin' In The Snow : January 10, 2011
It snowed yesterday, so I got out in it today, played around like a lil' ass kid. I had some fun ;)
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